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JD Griffey

#PinGriffeyJr #Perfect10Griffey

Pinfall, Submission, TKO... I'll never leave it to the judges.


Hailing from Coral Gables, Florida, Jerome Daniel Griffey has spent several years honing his craft in the ring, the octagon, and life. A current member of the AEW/ROH roster, JD has spent wrestled for multiple promotions, including: Metroplex Wrestling, Texoma Wrestling...

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4x MetroPlex Wrestling Champion
Texoma Pro Red River Champion
All-Star Pro Wrestling Champion
Texoma Pro Texas Champion
MPX Tag Team Champion - w/ XPAC
NWA Texoma Heavyweight Champion
2x NWA Texas Tag Team Champion - w/ Nobe Bryant
RCW Champion
RCW Tag Team Champion - w/ HNIC and Keith Lee
PCW Tag Team Champion

In The Ring...

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In The Ring...